Vodafone: ‘Cellular-connected Drones’ report

WPI has produced a new report for Vodafone UK, looking at the positive benefits Cellular-connected drones can produce for society and the economy.

The new report, called ‘Cellular-connected drones: The benefits to society of regulated drone use‘, provides several case study examples of ground-breaking uses of drones which can be enabled and proliferated by sim-enabled drones. Vodafone’s Radio Positioning System (RPS) technology would allow sim-enabled drones to operate beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS). This innovation would enable pioneering uses of drones for the public good – such as delivering organs to emergency situations and helping to put out fires.

Polling conducted for the report indicated 80% of the British public would support the widespread adoption of drones if better safety, security and monitoring measures were in place.

The report called on the Government to enact the following policy changes to enable 2020 to become the year of drones:

  1. Establish a ‘blue light’ drones fund for emergency services and NHS trusts
  2. Establish further testing facilities for UTM systems and BVLOS operations
  3. Explore the value of cellular connectivity for establishing UTM systems, dynamic no-fly zones and electronic detectability

Full Report:  Cellular-connected Drones