WPI Strategy commission new polling on the Brexit transition deadline

A new poll of over 2,000 people commissioned by WPI Strategy shows that while 1 in 5 Brits (19%) back the UK government’s current position to press on regardless and leave the EU at the end of this year, exactly twice as many people (38%) believe the opposite and support extending the transition period indefinitely.

Support was almost uniform across gender, age group and geographical location, although over half of people living in Scotland (53%) supported extending the transition period compared to only 12% who felt the UK should leave before the end of the year. Residents in the East Midlands (39%-30%) and Eastern England (34%-25%) still favoured extending until the pandemic is over but there was a much greater support for leaving in December 2020, compared to the rest of the UK.

The survey set out potential timescales with respondents asked to set out their preferred option.

  • Only 6% of people felt the transition period should be extended by 3 months, to March 2021
  • 11% felt it should be extended by six months, to June 2021
  • 12% believed it should be extended by a year, to December 2021

Nick Faith, Director of WPI Strategy, said, “While 1 in 5 people do support the government’s current stance to leave the EU with or without a future trade deal in place before the end of the year, it’s clear that the majority of Brits don’t share that view.

“Coronavirus is impacting every major event from Glastonbury and the European Championships to the international climate change summit. It might increasingly seem a bit odd that the only thing not impacted is the future trading talks with the EU.”

The survey, which was carried out on the 1-2 April 2020 by JL Partners, has received media coverage by the Mirror, the Independent, the Express and Xinhua News.