London City Airport’s Building Better report

WPI Strategy worked with London City Airport on their new report ‘Building Better: the role of transport infrastructure and services in improving mental health‘. The report analysed how better transport infrastructure can help to reduce issues such as stress and anxiety, which can greatly impact people’s wellbeing and mental health.

The report indicated that the total cost of poor mental health was £66.5 billion to the UK every year, with £20 billion of this cost being on public services, such as the NHS. In order to reduce these costs and improve mental health, policy makers should aim to improve transport through better journeys, design and accessibility.

The Aviation Minister, Baroness Liz Sugg, welcomed the report and stated: “The Government wants to ensure the wellbeing of everyone boarding a plane, and is committed to improving accessibility for passengers at every stage of their journey. It’s fantastic to see action being taken by industry and, through our Aviation 2050 Consultation, we will continue working to remove barriers discouraging people with hidden disabilities from travelling by air.