Vodafone: Levelling Up: How 5G Can Boost Productivity Across The UK

WPI has produced a new report for Vodafone UK, looking at how moving from 4G to 5G could lead to productivity gains across the UK of over £150bn in the next decade.

The new report, called ‘Levelling up: How 5G Can Boost Productivity across the UK’ shows the importance that faster and more reliable networks could bring to consumers and businesses:

  1. In the five years to 2025, cumulative benefits to UK output stand at more than £38 billion, and for the five years to 2030, they stand at more than £120 billion
  2. Across a ten-year time frame this means a boost to UK output worth £158 billion
  3. Productivity levels would be boosted in every region of the country and can be viewed here.

The report has been welcomed by several key political figures including:


  • Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London – “As our economy begins to recover from the effects of Covid-19, we need to explore the potential of 5G to improve Londoners’ lives – from how they get around the city to how they access healthcare. Through our ambitious work on improving digital connectivity, we’re using London’s streets and the Tube network to improve fibre coverage and lay the foundations for 5G over the next decade. I welcome Vodafone’s contributions and its commitment to making a real difference in the capital”.


  • Dan Jarvis, Mayor of the Sheffield City Region – “COVID-19 has shown us how vital digital infrastructure has been to keep us connected with loved ones and keep our economy ticking over during the lockdown. As we adapt to a new normal, it’s clear that better and quicker 5G and broadband are needed if we are to see a strong economic recovery. To ensure we build back better with stronger, greener fairer economy and society after the pandemic we need a New Deal for the North, with big investment in our infrastructure to level up the country. This includes our digital infrastructure, to help unlock innovation and productivity in our businesses and create more better jobs across South Yorkshire and the Northern Powerhouse.”


  • Paul Wheelhouse MSP, Minister for Energy, Connectivity and the Islands – “5G and digital technologies are critical to our future prosperity over the next decade and beyond – and now even more so as we plan our strategic economic recovery from COVID-19. Investing in digital infrastructure is already a proven driver of economic growth and is at the heart of the Scottish Government’s 5G strategy, published last August. This is why we have established the Scotland 5G Centre, backed with £5.3mn of funding. This will provide the leadership to support widespread development and deployment of 5G throughout Scotland, helping us seize the economic and social benefits of this new technology”.

Full Report Here